Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Trains Speaking Plainly

Those with resources to create have the least interesting things to say, anymore.  Almost every 'creative' endeavor hints at propaganda or self-indulgent ego-stroking.  There's no questioning of popular opinions.  There's no real risk.  Creativity is eclipsed by desire for acceptance from other like-minded individuals.

Freight train whistles mourn at the crossing of County Road 44, ushering in the rumble of heavy metal for several minutes.  Steady, rhythmic and rumbling percussion thumps.  Then, the train passes and all is quiet, again. 

Directness disguised as art clumsily stabs a vulgar finger of accusation.  Instead of caressing and beguiling, modernity drops a rough, unwieldy concrete block of painfully obvious intent.  Nobody believes it, they just don't want to get hit, anymore.