Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Do They WANT ME DEAD? Do You?

If you weren't aware, last July your faithful blogger friend was diagnosed with oral cancer. There was a surgery to remove it, a couple of months of recovery, and quarterly doctor visits since then to make sure it doesn't come back. Loads of fun.

After surgery, the doctor indicated that radiation was about the only way to treat it, as oral cancer is very resistant to most treatment. However, radiation will kill your sense of taste and leave you with a burnt-out hull of a tongue/mouth. Doesn't sound fun. Doctor advised against it.

Perusing the website of my girl, I found this from the U.S. Government's National Institute of Health:

Guess what? Pot kills oral cancer. I don't do drugs at all. I barely take aspirin when I have a headache. I am not going to smoke pot, or take whatever form of THC is prescribed in the states where it is legal. It is ILLEGAL nationwide and you GET FIRED for taking it, anyway.

Apparently employers and the government want people like me to die. If they KNOW IT CURES SOMETHING THAT WILL KILL ME, and they BAN IT: That means they WANT ME TO DIE. I think it's just that simple.

If you're curious, my girl doesn't, and never has done, drugs of any kind, either. After her grandfather suffered with cancer for years, before succumbing to it, she began collecting data. Most of it, like the information about oral cancer, is directly from the government's own research.

This led her to the discovery that our own government KNOWS and PUBLISHES information about cannabinoids' cancer fighting properties. Yet, for some incomprehensible reason, it prohibits it on the SAME LEVEL as toxic, addictive substances, nationwide. It really makes one question the intellect or perhaps the level of wickedness of those who know this information yet continue to let people die.

If you think this is ok, I'll assume you hate me and want me to die. Thanks for that. Sleep well.

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