Thursday, May 26, 2016

Why Must I be Adjectified?

Politics are savage. Real savage... not the 'I don't understand you so I call you savage to imply inferiority' kind, but the actual, brutal and uncaring kind. Savage in the 'I'll destroy you and scorch the earth where you stood' kind. Yeah, ironically the kind of savage that attempts genocide and then calls its victims 'savages'.

Politics insists that we must be labeled so that when the time comes for savagery one can be easily dehumanized and subsequently culled. If you are a part of any group of thinkers that pose any threat, legitimate or imagined, to the paranoid archy-that-be it will label you with some sort of negative adjective. When the time comes, you will be marginalized or even physically eliminated, should you pose a great enough threat.

Inexplicably, we choose to give ourselves adjectives. At the very least, we make it easy to give us labels. All that has to happen at that point is the slapping of that label on some false-flag event or group that, whether real or fictional, embodies characteristics that make them easily dehumanized. Then, anything bearing that label is fair game to reprisals or elimination.

I'm not going to go for that. I'm just me and I'm ONLY me and I speak for only me. If any group or kind of ideology or any other label is slapped on me, it is no longer by my consent.