Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Bye, Bye, Burkville, Hello Liberty and Fighting Tyranny

I had my farewell lunch at my old workplace, today. Said all the goodbyes, etc...

The Liberty meetup is going to be passing out flyers and getting signatures Saturday before the fireworks at Valley Grande Park.

The more I hear the shills on radio, blabbering on about cap and trade, the more frustrated I get. Cap and Trade is a horrible piece of legislation. Any rep who voted for it, as well as any Senator who votes for it, should be considered corrupt.

...But Cap and Trade is just another misdirection. It is a symptom of a bad system getting worse, and fighting it is like treating the symptoms of a disease. You MUST treat the symptoms in order to keep the illness from getting worse, but to GET RID of the illness, you have attack the disease itself. How do we do that? We SUPPORT good legislation. That's what this misdirection is trying to make you ignore.

HR1207 is such a piece of good legislation. It would allow an audit of the private firm that controls all the money being given out by our government for the better part of the last century. It would pull back the curtain on transactions and paper trails previously covered up by these money masters.

I've blogged it several times before, but HR1207 would make it possible to audit the Federal Reserve Bank, a private institution that controls the value of our money, and answers to NO ONE in our government! The Federal Reserve, or FED as they call themselves, generates the money, out of thin air, that is given out in the bailouts and stimulus packages. Who would give someone ANY amount of money to perform a task without a way to make sure it's spent for the tasks intended? Apparently, the majority of congress.

We had a stimulus townhall meeting with our Representative to Congress, yesterday. I personally went to Artur Davis and asked him to support HR1207. He said he would, "Look into it." That's what his aides say when asked, and that's what the people who answer the phones say. They PASSED a massive and complicated cap and trade bill with hundreds of pages, but can't 'look into' a ONE PAGE bill that is as simple to understand as turning on a light switch which they've had MONTHS to 'look into.' I am NOT satisfied with his answer.

Meanwhile, the only people in attendence at the townhall were special interest groups. I think Amy and I were the only people there in the interest of the average person. I'm afraid that when the final phases of tyranny hit, the people will have no one to blame but themselves and their sloth.

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