Friday, August 08, 2008


9,000+ US forces are possibly engaged in direct warfare with Russian troops in the nation of Georgia, right now. Russian troops and armor streamed across the Russia-Georgia border earlier today and have been engaged in heavy combat, according to reports. US Forces have been working with Georgian troops since 2002. Most recently, Georgia has been working to put down the revolt in South Ossetia. Georgia called today for the US to send more support.

Russia invaded after claiming Georgia killed 10 Russian peacekeepers during the shelling of a South Ossetian enclave.

The US personnel in Georgia are most likely Special Forces and other support units.

A year after the arrival of US forces in Georgia, the government was overthrown in what has been called the 'Rose Revolution'. In 2005 President Bush went to Georgia to commend the Georgians. Many now consider Georgian President Mikail Saakashvili, who's education at Columbia University in New York was paid for by the US government, a puppet of the US Government.

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