Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Iowa Poll: Money and Facts

Some facts about the recent Iowa Straw Poll:

Firstly, in order to vote, you have to purchase a ticket to attend the event. Tickets are, as I understand, $35 a piece. Now, the Mitt Romney campaign bought 10,000 tickets ($350k!!!) to distribute to supporters. That resulted in a little over 4,000 votes. Meaning: 6,000 people Mitt Romney paid to vote for him, didn't.

The Ron Paul campaign bought 800 tickets ($28k, the minimum to get your name on the ballot!), resulting in over 1,300 votes. That would imply that some of the Mitt Romney people could have voted for Ron Paul! Even if they didn't, Ron Paul managed to catch the attention of over 500 voters for whom he didn't even buy tickets!

If all of the 500+ votes came from Mitt Romney's people, that would mean the Romney campaign unwittingly contributed about 18 grand to the Paul campaign. That would be rich. The Romney campaign also spent as much as $2 million on food and events at the poll. So, he probably fed and entertained some of the Paul voters, too. lol.

Another interesting fact is that Giuliani, Fred Thompson and John McCain had 800 tickets given out to their supporters, too. None of them even got 250 votes.

I REALLY hope this means that Americans are starting to listen to the voice of Liberty. I know there are those who vote party lines because momma and/or daddy or somebody always did or because they want to vote for the eventual winner for bragging rights, but maybe they, too, are hearing the message. Our government is on the verge of becoming too corrupt to function. We have to do something.