Friday, April 13, 2007

Update: Suspects Identified!

I finally got in touch with an SPD detective, yesterday! I had begun to give up hope that the Selma PD was going to give me any help, so I called the ABI yesterday afternoon. After all, the first officer I talked to about my truck theft was a State Trooper. The agent was very helpful, although skeptical at first. He told me the SPD was the correct agency, and had jurisdiction, so he would forward my info to them. Within 2 minutes of hanging up the phone with him, Det. Neely, the detective I've been trying to call for a week, called me. In two minutes I had what visits to Police HQ, and numerous phone calls couldn't achieve.

The detective met me within a few minutes, in person, and asked me some questions. I tried to give him a folder I had prepared with all the info, including names. I was hoping he'd take it, because it answered a lot of the repetitive questions he was asking, but he just took the picture of the suspects out of it. He recognized them both. He didn't tell me their names, but I've learned that they are Monroe Lawrence(sp?) and Bo Smith (sp?). I informed him that when I took the picture, they were both intoxicated in public, drinking and driving, had open containers in public, and were identified by eye-witnesses as having stolen and rec'd stolen property. He said he will follow up on it in the morning (which is this morning). Hopefully, I'll hear from him.

If I don't, I've been advised to take my info directly to the circuit clerk, get a warrant signed, and then take my info directly to the DA.

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