Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Barak Show

We had us a big weekend in Selma. Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton both visited for the 'Bridgecrossing Jubilee'. Basically, they were pretending to care about something in order to gain the favor of a group of people. I'm not being hard on them, either. If an election weren't approaching, would they be here? No.

But they come to it every year, right? They care, right? Wait... Have they been here before? Nope. Hillary MIGHT have come when Bill was campaigning for Prez once, I seem to remember. Again, politically motivated, not out of the benevolence of heart an appearance might seem to indicate.

Anyway, whoopti-doo. Our little town has once again been visited by movers and shakers. They're both politicians. That's a negative, for me. I think the most important thing either of them has done is to write books. But for that we don't need 'em, either. We already have Kathryn Tucker Windham. I'd prefer to read her to the drivel they've put into print.

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