Monday, January 22, 2007

Interesting Stuff from 1969

Jan. 10 Last Issue of Saturday Evening Post published
Jan. 12 First Led Zeppelin Album released
Jan. 20 Nixon Inaugurated as 37th US President
Jan. 30 Last Beatles Public Performance
Feb. 2 Boris Karloff dies
Feb. 4 Yasser Arafat becomes PLO leader
Mar. 1 Jim Morrison arrested for indecent exposure in Miami
Mar. 2 1st flight of the Concorde Jet
Mar. 3 Sirhan Sirhan admits to killing Robert F. Kennedy
Mar. 10 James Earl Ray admits to killing MLK Jr.
Mar. 17 Golda Meir becomes Prime Minister of Israel
Mar. 28 'Ike' dies
Apr. 1 'Harrier' jet goes into service
Apr. 8 First artificial heart implanted into a human
Apr. 22 First human eye transplant
May 10 Start of 'Hamburger Hill' battle
May 14 Crazy Horse releases Cinnamon Girl
May 23 The Who releases Tommy
May 27 Construction begins on Disney World
May 31 Lennon and Ono record Give Peace a Chance
June 3 Last episode of Star Trek airs
June 15 Hee Haw debuts
June 22 Judy Garland dies
July 4 Atlanta Pop Festival draws 140,000; 'Zodiac' killer claims another victim
July 8 First US Troops withdrawn from Vietnam
July 14 Easy Rider comes out in the theater
July 16 Apollo 11 launched towards the Moon
July 18 Ted Kennedy drives off a bridge, creating the 'Chappaquiddick' scandal
July 20 'The Eagle has landed' First men on the Moon
July 24 Apollo 11 returns to Earth; Muhammed Ali convicted for draft-evasion
July 28 Unics invented (later called Unix)
Aug. 9 'Helter Skelter' begins as Manson Family kills Sharon Tate and many others
Aug. 15 Woodstock music festival begins
Aug. 17 Hurricane Camille hits US Gulf Coast
Sep. 2 First ATM in the US
Sep. 5 So-called 'My Lai Massacre' occurs in Vietnam
Sep. 7 Monty Python's Flying Circus debuts
Sep. 26 Beatles release their final album
Sep. 26 The Brady Bunch first appears on TV
Sep. 27 'Zodiac' killer claims 2 more victims
Oct. 11 Last 'Zodiac' murder
Oct. 12 Charles Manson and family members arrested
Oct. 17 CCD camera technology invented
Oct. 21 Jack Kerouac dies
Oct. 29 US Supreme Court orders 'immediate desegregation'
Oct. 31 Wal-Mart incorporates
Nov. 9 Native American Indians occupy Alcatraz island as separate country
Nov. 10 Sesame Street debuts
Nov. 15 Dave Thomas opens Wendy's restaurant
Nov. 21 ARPANET goes live (later called the 'internet')
Dec. 2 Boeing 747 makes first commercial flight
Dec. 6 'Altamont Speedway' festival begins, becomes tragedy
Dec. 14 Jackson 5 appear on Ed Sullivan
Dec. 17 Project "BlueBook" officially closed by USAF
Dec. 26 Dr. Timothy Leary sentenced to 10 years for pot possession

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