Tuesday, December 19, 2006

100 Worst Album Covers... Selma owns number 5!

Coverbrowser.com did a list of the bottom 100 released album covers of all time. Wouldn't you know it? Selma's in the top 5! Or should I say bottom 5?
Orion. Don't remember him? I do! My mom liked him. lol. His gimmick was that he was Elvis, who had inexplicably moved to Dallas County, Alabama. I guess Graceland wasn't doing it for him anymore.

Sadly, Orion, or "Jimmy Ellis" as he was also known, was shot and killed when a man robbed his store in Orrville back in 1998. Or did "Ellis/Elvis" just move on again?For more on Orion, a little bit of insight into the history of Selma music, and it's tendency towards tragedy, his story is Here, Here, Here, and Here.