Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Warm Yourself while the Bill of Rights Burns

In the most expensive race in Alabama politics, the big 2 political parties managed to buy the vote in Auburn. Firstly, the Republicans threatened to have the candidate and his campaigners arrested when they set up a legal political booth at a "Non-Partisan Voter Registration Concert" last month. Then, when they realized the Libertarian was garnering some respect and publicity on the radio and in print, the Democratic and Republican machines went into high gear, pumping out over a million dollars for their respective campaigns. Dick Clark, the Libertarian candidate for District 79, spent $0.

Does this mean an election can be bought? Yes, it does. Why? Because you, voter, are an idiot. You believe everything you see and hear. You don't do any research into the candidates. You say, "I knows him," and you vote. You say, "I only vote Republican," or "I like him 'cuz he a democrats," and cast your vote, securing to yourself, and our posterity, a decreasing amount of liberty, and a declining position in the global market. You see the pretty signs, and watch the COMMERCIAL news programs, as they endorse one of the mirror-image Republican or Democratic candidates. They spend a lot of money to impress you. Does that mean they deserve your vote? Apparently, you think so.

I had someone tell me yesterday that they voted straight Democratic because when Democrats were in power, things were better. I reminded this person that Democrats ARE in power here (AL House Dist. 67, AL Sen. Dist. 23 US House Dist. 7), and have been for years. Our Democratic representation is corrupt. That's why things are 'bad'. They don't want to hear it. It's just so much easier to pretend you know what's going on, and vote for corruption than it is to live in the real world, I guess.

Under the new, stricter, less-inclusive ballot access laws (put into effect by Democrat and Republican lawmakers after the last election in which Libertarians garnered a large percentage of votes... prior to 1971, Alabama had free, open ballots) only 1 Libertarian candidate appeared on Alabama ballots. None were allowed in my district. I had to write in my choice for Governor, Loretta Nall(Website\Video). She's been derided and unethically blocked for the whole campaign. This should be no surprise after the last Gubernatorial election when John Sophocleus (Wiki\Website Archive), the Libertarian Candidate for Governor, was fired from his teaching position at Auburn University and blacklisted after declaring his candidacy against then incumbent Don Siegelman.

Nall was more of a protest candidate this time, I admit. But I think it's going to be harder and harder to find good candidates for political offices in Alabama. The real democratic process has been tossed out the window in favor of an illegal partisan monopoly.