Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Psychic Sagan

Carl Sagan predicted the terrorist attacks on the WTC in NYC. I saw it. I was watching a rerun of the old Cosmos TV show, as I relaxed after a long day of work and school last night. Dr. Sagan was talking about intelligent life going extinct on planets due to nuclear war. There were sound clips playing of tragic, world-changing events. Things such as the Kennedy assasination, and wars... Then, right near the end, a voice says, "The World Trade Center, Terrorism... Terrorism." I was freaked. I sat bolt upright on the couch. Firstly, Carl Sagan died before September 11, 2001. Secondly, Cosmos was filmed around 20 years ago! As a matter of fact, that's around the time the WTC was completed.


Blogger MrEvolution said...

The real quote is much more prophetic. I turned on that episode as I was going to bed and was almost asleep when the strange garbled transmission came through. I thought maybe I was dreaming. I rewound it a few times and sure enough I heard, "two aircraft hit the towers of the world trade center (garbled) terrorists(ism)" The buildings were designed to withstand a hit from a 707 so they knew it was a possibility, but the thing that gives me the creeps is it says 'two planes.' I've been searching the web thinking maybe they added that later (why would they?) and I haven't found a peep until you. Thankful you're here.

5:56 AM  
Blogger Tonewah said...

Wow! I didn't realize it said something about two planes! That IS creepy. I wasn't sure what I heard, either. Glad I'm not going crazy.

Thanks for the comment, and for dropping by.

On a similarly odd prophetic note:

Shortly after the first attack on the WTC in '93, an aquaintance of mine offhandedly stated that the best way to bring down the towers would be with 2 larger airplanes loaded with fuel. He suggested the destruction would be far more extensive. Maybe fears/thoughts of that kind were more in the collective consciousness than we remembered. It's just weird, though.

My guess is that the WTC message was added to Cosmos. I don't know why they would, but it's just too dead-on.

3:41 AM  

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