Wednesday, July 26, 2006

World War III? Nah.

Why does everyone start talking about World War III whenever Israel does something militarily? Everyone keeps saying, "The Anti-Christ is about to reveal himself!" or "It's a sign of the end!" I doubt it's a sign of the 'end'. Back in the '60s and '70s, when Egypt, Syria, and every other Arab nation decided to attack Israel, yeah, that might could've been seen as a sign of the 'end'. When Israel regained it's independence back in the '40s, yeah, that might coulda been seen as a sign. But Israel attacking suspected Hezbolla cells in Lebanon... nah.

If China, for some wild reason, decided to attack Israel in response... yeah, that's a sign. If Russia decided to attack any western nation, yeah, that's a sign. If any western nation attacked any other western nation, that's more than a sign, that IS World War III. But when a country that probably covers less area than the land covered by the rivers of Alabama attacks a country the size of Dallas County, no, that's not a sign of World War III.

BUT I'm not saying it's not a symptom of an unstable global political climate. It's this instability that might lead to some sort of global conflict, not anything Israel, or any middle eastern country, could instigate; there would have to be a military response by a western, or large far-eastern, nation. The 'big-one' might be coming, but, more than likely, I think people just LIKE to scare themselves into thinking the 'end is near'.


Anonymous sw said...

*hides under blanket*

Oh, prophetic one...

P.S. Davey says, "hi".

1:33 PM  
Anonymous sw said...

And please give the monkey his hat back, his mouth is drying out.

1:41 PM  
Blogger Tonewah said...

Prophets... *rolls eyes*

I'm scared of humans, so it'd probably be best if we didn't give Mr. Monkey his hat back. It might make him look too much like folks.

We don't have to worry about his mouth drying out... Monkeys have built-in water fountains.

2:48 PM  
Anonymous sw said...

Like... this one:

6:12 PM  

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