Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Movie Madness

Motown and I were bouncing ideas around for the next stupid thing we do, when he started talking about hijacking a bus full of cheerleaders. One of us suggested it would make a great movie, and the discussion turned from kidnapping cheerleaders to making a movie. Yes, you have a right to think that's disturbing.

All joking aside, for those who haven't heard yet, Jamie and I have decided to make a movie. The multi-talented Adam Pope has agreed to be our head of cinematography, as we don't know jack about it, other than making camcorder horror movies as kids.

No, it's not about cheerleaders. Gah.

Here's the premise:

A small, independent film company comes to Selma to make a movie. A local girl tries, and gets, the part of an extra. She tries out with the blessing of her protective father. When a jealous suitor tips her father off to the fact that the movie may contain nudity, and interacial relationships, things get hairy. Her father storms in on the movie company, holding them all hostage at gunpoint.

The father informs the director of the independent film that no matter where the director came from, or how bad he perceives himself, there will always be somebody 'badder' who comes from someplace worse.

As he holds them hostage, he intimidates the small cast and crew, threatening them with bodily harm. He mocks the women from California because of their loose morals and clothing style.

Just when it seems the father is going to relent, and allow the film people to leave, a scream is heard from another room.

This is where the action really starts. If you're curious, and want to know more, hit us up for the details.

The script calls for 12 speaking parts, and a dozen or so extras. If you're interested in reading for a part, contact Jamie or me.