Monday, May 22, 2006

16, 15, 14, 13... Weird Weekend

13 days until 100. I'm still having dreams about smoking.

Went over to Montgomery to hear Justin's band, Laylines, play Friday night. I originally hadn't planned to go, because I had ridden my bike to work. I don't really like going to bars when I'm riding my bike. But I let him talk me into it. He's good at that kinda thing. lol.

Anyway, the weird thing didn't really happen until I was going home. I left right after they played. I was on my bike, but I didn't have any eye protection, because I only wore sunglasses to work. I really wanted to get back to Selma, so I set the cruise on 95.

All the way home, I kept getting the feeling that someone was behind me. When I looked back, I didn't see anyone.

My eyes were getting blasted by the air. I tried putting my head down, and using my helmet for a windbreak. That just made it feel like my eyelids were gonna come off. lol. Then, I tried putting my sunglasses on the tip of my nose and peeking over 'em once in a while. Still didn't work. About the time my bike rolled by the Lowdesboro caution light, there was a steady stream of tears wetting my face. I musta looked pretty rough.

When I got to Selma, I stopped by the radio station to hang out with Jamie for a minute and let my eyes recover a little bit. I had to bang on the door to get his attention. When he let me in, he looked at me funny, and asked if I needed to crash there for a while. I laid on the floor for a min or two, then told him I needed to get on home. It was prolly after 3am.

When I got home, I had this weird dream that a girl climbed into bed with me. I looked over at her, and asked her what she was doing. She told me she was tired of sleeping alone. I got up, because I heard noise in my den. When I got in there, there was a party going on. I asked what they were doing, and they told me they were just partying. I got a little irritated, but told 'em to make sure the door was locked when they left. I went back to bed, and the chick was asleep. I climbed into bed, and immediatedly another dream began. I was smoking in it, but don't remember much else about that one.

The next day, Jamie stopped by for us to do a little social experiment. I'll blog it later, when he sends me the pics.

Anyway, we got to talking about the night before, and he said, "OH OH OH DUDE..." and proceeded to tell me about what happened after I left the station. He said right after I left, he heard someone banging on the door. At first, he though it was me. When I left, I wasn't really in good shape to ride a bike, and he thought I had wrecked and walked back to the station. When he looked at the security camera, there was no one there. The banging stopped. A few minutes later, he said the banging started again. He said there was no way he was opening that door after that.

After he told me that, I instantly thought of the feeling I had that someone was following me on my bike, and that wierd teary-eyed feeling I got at about Lowndesboro. It was a chill... like when you know there's someone behind you, or watching you, but you can't see them. That strange chorale from the house collapse scene from the movie 'Carrie' started playing in my head. It's still playing in my head. I had trouble going to sleep last night. I kept thinking whoever was following me was going to break into my house.