Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Mind Over Matter

I'm afraid of my mind... lol. Do you ever get the feeling that thinking about something makes it happen? I know it's a lot of self-fulfilling prophesy, coincidence, and what-not, but lately I've been inundated with odd coincidences. I wonder sometimes if our minds operate at frequencies, somewhat like computer CPUs. If so, then maybe our processors cause interference, much like amateur transceivers sometimes bleed into TV and radio broadcasts. It has to be something like that.

I had a dream my bike ran out of gas, with the needle above E last night. In my dream, I reached for the fuel petcock and switched it, but nothing happened. This morning, YEP, you guessed it, my bike ran out of gas and I tried to switch to reserve, but nothing happened. It took a few tries for the bike to restart on reserve. That's friggin' weird. Yeah, I noticed the tank was at half last night, and knew I was gonna have to get gas today. Maybe that triggered the dream. I dunno.

If people are transmitting some odd alpha/beta w/e waves, I believe some minds have broader receiving ranges. Say most people, like FM radios, receive between 88Mhz and 106Mhz; the people I'm talking about would be able to pick up down to 50Mhz and up to 150Mhz or something like that. These people pick up on a lot of things being thought about. I think, sometimes, I might be like that. Either that, or I'm a 100,000 watt 'superstation' broadcasting my brainwaves like primetime TV to people like that.