Thursday, January 19, 2006


Another strange dream night. After sitting with my Grandmother at the hospital last night until almost 11, I guess my brain was a little fried. It doesn't seem that odd, now that I think about it, but I felt odd while I was dreaming it. The dream was about someone playing a Mendelssohn sonata. It started with a very close up view of the notes on the sheet music. I could hear the notes as I saw them appear on the manuscript paper. My view zoomed out and I could see small hands with black fingernail polish, or just dark reflections on the nails playing the piece. I never saw the person, but I saw legs that were almost too short to reach the pedals. The room was dark, save a small amount of light from a window with sheers. Dust glowed in the sunlight as it stabbed through the opening in the window sheer. That was all peripheral, though. My vision was focused on the hands.

I don't remember the rest of the dream, now, dangit. It was weirder than the part above, but the Mendelssohn set the mood for the dream. I remember seeing Mendelssohn written on the sheet music. The music didn't seem odd or anything. It was the setting and the fact that I couldn't see the person's face. I guess it reminded me of being in the cool air-conditioned house of my Grandmother when it was the hottest part of the summer...

Wait! I think I do remember some of it! We were playing in my Grandmother's house. Someone was chasing us. We hid under the fort we made out of the dining room table, and my Grandaddy was pokin' at us with his cane, like he used to do. One of Grandmother's chocolate pies were on the table.

Come to think of it, I was talking to my cousins and sisters about how we used to run from Grandaddy and hide under furniture last night. Grandaddy played the piano. The mind has a way of dealing with things, I guess.