Monday, November 28, 2005

Post Thanksgiving Blues

I've tried to do an entry for this blog several times over the last few days. They all wound up sounding depressing and angry. Each time, I deleted the text and shut my laptop. Let me try this again.

I've been gettin' back into the astronomy thing, since I haven't had a female around to occupy my time for the last couple of weeks. Got my binocs out, and collimated them. Got my dob out and collimated it, too. Looked at Venus and Mars through the dob, and looked at Uranus and Neptune through the binocs. Yeah, that's bassackwards.

This is the first time in years that I haven't had a female around for more than a couple of weeks. That, and being out of school for the holidays, has left me with a lot of free time. Free time that I have chosen to do absolutely nothing with. Sleeping is something I've done a lot of lately. I mean A LOT. I slept in very late on Thanksgiving, slept half the day away on Saturday, and did the same thing on Sunday. I don't know if I was up 10 hours Sunday. I thought I was gonna have some trouble going to sleep last night because I got up so late, but I was asleep before I knew it. This morning, I had trouble getting up. This is probably the sleep missed for the last few years catching up with me.

I was supposed to go get a tractor this weekend, but that trip fell through. I want to friggin' bush hog my pasture/yard!!! Now that I'm not going to school on Saturdays, maybe I'll get that done. Maybe.

School starts back shortly. There may be a minor shift in my major from straight Business to an IT/Business double major. Business degrees alone aren't worth much in the job world. I have a lot of experience already, but I want something else to make me a more valuable asset.