Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Bob 'Wilson' Riley

If there's any question on the subject, let it be known that I didn't vote for Bob Riley. I think he imagines himself another Ronald Reagan. If so, he must have a good imagination. No, I voted for John Sophocleus for Governor. The man who should've been the U.S. House, District 3 rep back in 2000, when the incumbent Riley won re-election.

We all know Riley didn't win because he was a good candidate with good ideas. All he had was the typical partisan rhetoric. Perhaps one reason he won is that he is in a religious state where Republicans are associated with religion. Another reason may be that he made buddies with all the wrong people, just to get their support, or at the very least, to avoid their ire. But it can't be said he won because he was the best candidate.

With the election over, he made good on his promises to those cronies, and not to the people of the State. For example, instead of doing what he promised his constituants, cutting the pork out of education, he named Hank Sanders, king of education pork, as chair of the Black Belt commision on education. Then, to top it all off, in order to fund his kickbacks he proposed a bill to RAISE TAXES!!! In case you don't remember, Siegelman's plan was to raise taxes. Big difference.

Here's a paragraph from Sophocleus education platform: