Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Silver Backs beat Green Backs

Wanna fight terrorism with your wallet? Invest in some Silver Backs... the American Liberty Silver Dollar. How does this help fight terrorism? Back when we had the silver dollar as a standard, gas was $.25 a gallon. That meant a silver dollar was worth 4 gallons of gas. If you still had that same solid silver dollar today, the silver in it would be worth somewhere near $10... that means you'd still be able to get 4 gallons of gas for a silver dollar. It's obvious.

When they took our economy off the precious metals standards, the weight shifted straight onto the back of the american working class. I feel the weight. We need to get this silver dollar going.

Ok. I haven't gotten any myself yet, as they have to be ordered. There are currency exchange places across the country, but not nearby. I'd like to get a few hundred dollars worth just to see how the people around here would look at me when I give them a pure silver $10 coin. I wouldn't dare try to use the silver notes, though. I know they call the cops on me, and the police probably wouldn't know that it's legal currency, either. TAZER TAZER. lol.